Labelling & Initializing
Time-consuming, laborious labelling and initializing is part of many highly-trained IT specialists’ daily routine. But it isn’t actually part of their job. That’s why FUJIFILM provides high-quality data cartridges and an appropriate labelling and initialization service, in accordance with the customer’s wishes. The result is that the tape you need is ready when you want it to be, without any delay.
Data Migration
The transfer of extensive volumes of data from older systems to new ones is a process that is experiencing increasing demand. These moves are sometimes necessary to safeguard compatibility or to harness the considerable advantages that a new system offers. But these laborious transfers cost companies untold amounts of time, in many cases interrupt internal workflows and not least tie up staff who could be deployed more efficiently elsewhere. All of these are problems that can be avoided with our data migration service.
Data Conversion
Secure archiving can often be a major problem, especially if the data is to be merged from various types of storage media, data structures and formats and transferred onto a new backup system. This is where our data conversion service comes in – the ideal way of avoiding precisely these problems. We read data, transfer it from one platform to another, convert it, structure it and process it so that it can ultimately be archived on a single platform. This means that our customers have ultra-fast access to all of their data at all times.
Data Recovery
Mechanical damage, humidity, smoke and other catastrophes both big and small can lead to a total loss of data. If the worst happens, our highly-qualified FUJIFILM Service Team can help, with data recovery services. The recovered data is copied to new data media, so that it can once again be accessed without any problem.
Analysing + Health Check
Possible errors or damage to data media should be detected before they can cause serious mayhem. We check and analyse your data media thoroughly. Their status is documented in detail and we evaluate the results thoroughly. If our health check discovers that your data is at risk, we will offer you suitable solutions to safeguard your information.
Laser Etching
There are many reasons why data media need to be identifiable. Labelled cartridges, for example, facilitate unique assignment and registration. FUJIFILM can label the cartridges using a laser with your name, company logo or sequential numbering. The maximum label size is 100 x 100 mm. This information is thus burned permanently onto the media and cannot be removed. Alternatively, we also offer a service whereby the information can be printed onto the cartridges themselves.
Data Disposal
To ensure that all of the data that is relevant to your company has been irrevocably destroyed when data media are being disposed of, FUJIFILM will take care of the controlled and certified destruction of your data media. The data media is unmounted and definitively destroyed, in accordance with the prevailing legal guidelines. For particularly critical data, this destruction process can also be carried out in close agreement with the customer.